Open House Day

Yacht Tour

Come and immerse yourself in the world of yachting!

– Spend about 1 hour at our dock and learn a lot of new things.
– Explore the interior and exterior design of a modern yacht.
– Get acquainted with the training program and observe the learning process.
– Discuss your questions with our instructors and get answers.


How to muster the courage to begin learning when you feel unsure inside? If you’ve ever dreamed of attending a yacht school, gazing at sails spreading over the sea’s surface, you likely have many questions and doubts. Our team understands this firsthand. We’ve stood at the crossroads ourselves, pondering whether to embark on this journey and if we could navigate it.

That’s precisely why we’re arranging for you:

Open House Day at GOOD CAPTAIN Yacht School

We invite you to our Open House Day at our yacht school to dispel your doubts and immerse yourself in the world of maritime adventure. On this day, you will be able to:

– Step aboard a yacht and explore every corner: cabins, galley, and all the amenities that make sea travel comfortable.
– Experience the physical demands by pretending to be sailors and learning about rigging.
– Speak with our instructors about all your fears and concerns, including seasickness.
– Discuss the training program, receive valuable recommendations, and understand all the details of learning yachting.

Warning! After this, the sea may start appearing in your dreams at night, and the desire to start learning will turn from a dream into reality very soon.


We do not welcome guests every day. It is very important to us that each guest has the most interesting and memorable experience. For this, we need thorough preparation:

– Check the availability of a yacht for hosting guests.
– Arrange for one of our instructors to be at the dock to answer guests’ questions.
– Prepare for one of our training groups to practice mooring—a fascinating and engaging process.
– Ensure the weather forecast is suitable for the event.

So, to join us for the upcoming Open House Day, you need to register. After that, Ivo Tikhonov (our manager) will contact you, inform you of the next available date for guest visits, and send you an invitation.


And what's next?

The answer is obvious

After communicating with our team and getting acquainted with our yacht, you will undoubtedly love yachting as much as we do. We are ready to listen to your preferences to recommend the perfect time of year for training. We will provide a list of upcoming training groups with available spots and share tips on preparing for practical sessions, including necessary equipment and more.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on our GOOD CAPTAIN yacht school page to get a comprehensive understanding of the learning process.