Our yacht

The Beneteau Oceanis 331, launched in 2005, is a stylish and comfortable sailing boat, perfectly suited for cruises and sea leisure.

Here are the key features of our yacht:

1. Size and Construction: The Oceanis 331 has a length of 33 feet, making it compact yet spacious enough for comfortable stays onboard. Its construction ensures stability and good maneuverability.

2. Cabins: The yacht is equipped with three cabins, making it suitable for family vacations or for a group of friends of up to 8 for comfortable overnight stays and up to 10 people for day trips. The cabins are typically designed to maximize space utilization and guest comfort.

3. Salon and Deck: The interior space of the yacht is well thought out and stylishly furnished. The salon usually features a comfortable lounge area and a dining table where guests can spend time in a cozy atmosphere. The deck typically has spacious cockpit space with comfortable seating and relaxation areas.

4. Performance and Handling: The Beneteau Oceanis 331 is known for its excellent performance and ease of handling. This makes it an excellent choice for both experienced sailors and beginners in sailing.

5. Equipment and Amenities: The yacht is usually equipped with all the necessary equipment for safe and comfortable sailing, including kitchen appliances, a small refrigerator, a toilet, a water heater, navigation equipment, and safety systems.