Engine maintenance: 3 hours theory course; 280 BGN

280 лв.

Duration: 3 hours;
Price for 1 person: 280 BGN
If you are more than one person: 140 BGN / person.
Maximum participants: 3 people.


Engine maintenance

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Съдържанието на базовия курс по управление на ветроходна яхта на Go Get Sailing включва:

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  1. Djuliana Dicheva

    I had the most incredible experience! I registered myself and had no idea what to expect. Never before had I been sailing, just looking for fun. After the first day, I was not even sure I could handle it. I had to learn so many things! But on the third day we were in sync! This is not something I want to give up. I will continue with the next course, I am obsessed!

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