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Experience the thrill of sailing along the stunning Bulgarian coastline with our “Discover Sailing in Bulgaria” course. Join us for an unforgettable day of learning the ropes, feeling the wind in your hair, and creating lifelong memories on the open seas.

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2.5-3 hours


English, Bulgarian, Russian


5 people max

What you'll learn

Course description

Embark on an incredible sailing journey along the beautiful Bulgarian coastline with our “Discover Sailing in Bulgaria” course.

This immersive experience takes place in the vibrant city of Varna, offering the perfect setting to learn the ropes of sailing while enjoying the picturesque surroundings.

Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics of boat handling, sail trimming, and navigation techniques, ensuring a hands-on and enjoyable learning experience.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some sailing experience, this course is designed to ignite your passion for sailing and create lasting memories on the open seas.

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Course outline

The yacht ride lasts between 2.5 to 3 hours, and complimentary drinking water is provided on board. The Discover Sailing group accommodates up to 5 people. Prior to departure, a comprehensive safety briefing is conducted. Once at sea, we’ll hoist the sails, giving you the chance to take the helm under the watchful guidance of our captain. Experience firsthand how enjoyable and effortless sailing can be!

Good Captain Yacht School exclusively caters to those who:

1. Seek to relish a delightful yacht ride.
2. Want to experience the art of sailing firsthand.
3. Wish to determine if yachting aligns with their interests or discover a potential new hobby.
4. Aim to confirm that yachting is genuinely straightforward and enjoyable!

Activities take place in an intimate setting, limited to a group of up to 5 people, ensuring personalized attention. Our captains are seasoned professionals with a profound passion for their craft. The yacht, in addition to being spacious, modern, and comfortable, is also swift.

Moreover, our commitment encompasses our customers, safety, and the environment. The yacht proudly displays the Blue Flag, a symbol of our dedication to sea conservation!

Kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to complete necessary paperwork.

Crucially, wear closed shoes without a heel to safeguard your legs, given the presence of protruding elements on the yacht. Damage may occur due to instability or carelessness.

Please note that children aged 7 and above are welcome to participate in the event, provided they are accompanied by their parents.

The Black Sea’s weather can swiftly change, and as long as conditions permit, sailors are encouraged to plan for sailing—be it in cold or rainy weather. All gear must be packed in a duffle bag, with each item labeled with the sailor’s name. Any clothing or gear left in the sailing school room will be moved to the lost and found. Sailors should opt for comfortable, wet-friendly clothes and bring the following:

  1. Lifejacket
  2. Bathing Suit
  3. Hat
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Towel
  7. Closed-toe rubber soled shoes or water shoes that stay on your feet under water
  8. Rain jacket or spray top
  9. Sweatshirt, fleece top or hoodie
  10. Change of clothes
  11. Filled water bottle
  12. Lunch that does not require refrigeration (lunch is required for Creek Critters)

A seasoned sailing instructor will guide you through the essential steps to kickstart your journey as a sailing crew member. Dive into the learning experience with the Discover Sailing course in Bulgaria, where you’ll gain your initial insights into steering a sailing yacht at sea.

In conclusion, The Good Captain Sailing School provides an opportunity for everyone to grasp the fundamentals of sailing, particularly for those taking their first steps in yachting with aspirations to become a professional yachting captain in the future.

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