Discover Sailing 99 € for 2 persons

199 лв. / day

Duration: 2 hours
Price for 1 person: 199 BGN
Maximum participants: 5 people


Discover Sailing course

1.Your first steps in sailing

The yacht ride duration is two hours.
Drinking water onboard is included.
Group for Discover Sailing is up to 5 people.
Before departure, we provide a safety briefing!
At sea, we will set sails and you will have an opportunity to steer a yacht under the supervision of a captain. Therefore, you will feel how easy and fun it is!

2.Discover Sailing  is designed for beginners

Good Captain yacht school offers it only for people who want to:

  • enjoy a yacht ride;
  • try sailing;
  • feel whether yachting is suitable for you or to discover a new hobby;
  •  make sure that yachting is really easy and fun!

3.Discover Sailing is a unique in Varna!

The events take place in a small group of up to 5 people, so you get more attention. Our captains are experienced guys in love with their job!
And Our Yacht is large, modern, comfortable and fast!

Moreover, we care about our customers, safety and the environment as well. The yacht is sailing under the Blue Flag! We protect the sea!

4.Guest Requirements for Discover Sailing:

Please, come in 15 minutes earlier to do paperwork.
Most importantly, please, come in closed shoes without a heel to protect your legs, as there are a lot of protruding elements on the yacht and damage possible be caused by instability or carelessness.
Children can participate in the event only from the age of 7 and accompanied by parents.

5.What you will need on board:

Sunscreen and a hat are needed, the sun on a sea does not spare anyone!
Bring a raincoat, when it’s rain. Drinking water on board is included! If you wish, you can take your food onboard. There is a fridge on board.

6. The course is designed for absolute beginners

So, a sailing instructor takes you onboard and will show you everything you need for your first steps as a sailing crew member.
Therefore be engaged in learning with the Discover sailing course in Bulgaria, you will have an opportunity to get first knowledge of steering sailing yacht on a Sea.
In conclusion The Good Captain sailing school offers an opportunity for everyone to get principles of sailing and for people who have decided to make their first steps in yachting with a goal to become a professional yachting captain in the future.

Какво ще научите

Яхтено училище «Good Captain» предлага възможност на всеки да се запознае с принципите на ветроходния спорт.

Детайли за уроците по ветроходство

Повече за курсa

Този курс се отличават със следните характеристики:

  • Максимум 4ма участници и инструктор на борда по време на ветроходната екскурзия.
  • Допустимият минимум за отваряне на лодката са двама души- 90 на човек за всеки двучасов сегмент.
  • Частен урок по ветроходство – 270 лв на всеки двучасов сегмент.
  • Всички такси се заплащат в пълен размер по време на извършване на резервацията.
  • Можете да анулирате или трансферирате резервацията веднъж на друга дата / час до 3 дни преди потвърдената дата.
  • Не се допуска възстановяване, ако заявката за анулиране или трансфер е направена в рамките на 3 дни от първоначалната дата / час на отплаване. След това няма възможност.

Какво да вземеш със себе си на борда

  • Слънчеви очила с въже за фиксиране на очилата от падане.
  • Шапка с въже за фиксиране на шапката от падане.
  • Слънцезащитен крем.
  • Ръкавици за яхтинг.
  • Питейна вода.
  • Затворени обувки без токчета.
  • Ако времето е дъждовно – дъждобран.


  1. Djuliana Dicheva

    I had the most incredible experience! I registered myself and had no idea what to expect. Never before had I been sailing, just looking for fun. After the first day, I was not even sure I could handle it. I had to learn so many things! But on the third day we were in sync! This is not something I want to give up. I will continue with the next course, I am obsessed!

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