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ISSA Marine VHF Radio online course for 52 euro + 100 euro ISSA fee

ONLINE course marine VHF radio operator with radio SRC

If you are a Coastal skipper or a Competent crew on a vessel and intend to operate a marine VHF radio, similarly, you must be certified to a standard GMDSS.

Why do you need the radio certificate?


  1. To avoid problems with the yacht charters companies.
  2. To use the marine VHF radio legally.
  3. To increase your safety at sea.



VHF radio course

It’s very interesting for us to begin online trainings, and we have done it very carefully. So, we invite you to take the ISSA marine VHF radio course and, as a result, get a GMDSS radio SRC (Short Range certificate).

Moreover, it’s a lifetime radio SRC certificate. And ISSA radio SRC will be sent you via post.

So, radio SRC certificate is a minimum standard for operating with a marine VHF radio station on non-SOLAS vessels. In other words, vessels less than 300 BT navigate in the sea zone (A1) within 30 nautical miles.

In short, The certificate confirms your knowledge and skills of operating VHF radio system. And performing special procedure calls.

So, you will get knowledge necessary to increase your crew and vessel safety at sea and increase chances for reception and action after the transmission of the distress or urgent calls.


The full price is 104 euro for online radio course.

But now we have a good deal!

50% off! And only now you can get the access for 104 euro 52 euro.

The price does not include the certificate fee to ISSA – 100 euro.

Time for completing

And a minimum time for completing is 8 hours.

And a recommended completing time is up to 2 weeks.

However, maximum time for complete the online course is individual.

Therefore, you need to read theory and pass exam quiz.

And, after successfully graduate, you can order the ISSA Radio SRC (plastic certificate) for ISSA fee charge of 100 euro.

In conclusion, you will need to fill an application and prepare photography for plastic certificate. ISSA SRC will be sent you via post.

So, Good luck!

Maxim Gasumyants, head Instructor of Good Captain sailing school.


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